PHP dbase extension for PHP 5.4 (Windows, TS/NTS, VC9)

If you are looking for dbase extension for PHP 7.1, see my new post

Binary versions of dbase extension for Windows are available in PECL: (various PHP versions)

After few hours spent setting up a devel environment for compilation of PHP extensions on Windows, I finally came up with working dBase extension (php_dbase.dll), suited for PHP 5.4.1 (VC9 x86 Thread Safe) version available from

As far as I know there exists no working precompiled version of php_dbase.dll, that works with PHP 5.4, so I offer the file for download.

php_dbase.dll (PHP 5.4.1 VC9 x86 TS Windows)

Update for PHP 5.4.6 (VC9, x86) (works for 5.4.17 as well)

Notes to self

link to howto:

link to SDK: Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 (SDK 6.1)

link to VS2008: VS2008 Express

config line for TS version:
configure --disable-all --enable-cli --enable-dbase=shared

(shared is important here, otherwise extension gets compiled directly to php5ts.dll)

config line for NTS version:
configure --disable-all --enable-cli --enable-dbase=shared --disable-zts


  • install VS2008 C++ Express
  • install Windows SDK 6.1 (must be this version)
  • run Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt
  • the rest is as per howto above, except for „setenv /x86 /xp /release“, which breaks things
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8 komentářů k PHP dbase extension for PHP 5.4 (Windows, TS/NTS, VC9)

  1. Gerhard Bechtold napsal(a):

    Thanks so much for your work on php_dbase.dll and that you put it on the web. You helped me a lot.
    BTW, what is TS and NTS?
    Kind regards
    Some of my work where I have to work with PHP/MySQL and dbase:

  2. admin napsal(a):

    Gerhard: TS refers to thread-safe, NTS to non-thread-safe
    More information on the topic can be obtained from

  3. php_proger napsal(a):

    You helped me a lot too!! Thanks!!!

  4. Vinícius Gubiani Ferreira napsal(a):

    Thanks man! It worked perfectly with the latest version of easyPHP.

  5. Boedy napsal(a):

    Thanks. It works !!

  6. Filipe napsal(a):

    One more helped by your efforts.

    Thanks and greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

  7. Erickson napsal(a):

    Thank you for this dll… That saves me !

  8. alexandyducu napsal(a):

    Thanks veeeery much from Bucharest, Romania, Europ, Earth … the third planet from the sun

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